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Founded by a ragtag band of friends in Kansas City, MO back in the day, this year Classico are set to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Having already released 6 LPs and 4 EPs over the course of those years and having their 7th studio album in the making and scheduled for a release later this year, we are absolutely riding the wave right now!

While typically classified as a punk rock band, Classico also incorporated a lot of related genres into their music, including Jazz, Funk, and Minimal Techno, besides the Soft Rock.

Mellow motifs and punky rhythm combined resulted in more than 8 million sales over those 15 years, averaging 800,000 purchases per LP/EP.

Speakers On (2006)

Being one of the most sound-wise gentle and pleasing albums of all the things we’ve released, the fact that it is 11 years old is just another….

Team Effort (2012)

Written and released in the times of a minor creative and teamwork crisis, this album’s gotten its title due to the fact how much stronger we’ve become since it was…

Walking On (2004)

While this is indeed our most commercially successful album ever, with more than 2 million sales over the period of 17 years, it is still a…

Reckless Kindness (2015)

This is our sixth LP album and our band’s 10th overall. While commercially successful and critically acclaimed, the Reckless Kindness was more of a…


Every year we’re touring all over the world (though mostly in the US and UK). So you can count on at least 100 gigs from us, annually!

Music Videos

Having released 6 LPs, 4 EPs and 45 singles, we’ve also recorded more than 50 music videos. This is how awesome we are!

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